Butterflies are beautiful. They are a very important part of our ecosystem. With their numbers decreasing dramatically in last ten years, it is time to do our part before it is too late!

The wild flowers on the edge of our cottages attract many beautiful butterflies. Thoses photos were taken in our 2014 season.

And we are planning to plant more native wild flowers in our cottages in near future to attract even more butterflies and other benificial insects and birds to our cottages. 

We did not find any wild milkweeds in our property, but we are going to start planting from 2015 season, to provide food for monarch butterflies.










In 2014 spring, I tried to cut weeds near  those Joe Pye weeds, which grow naturally on the edge of our cottages. They did grow stronger and flower much larger with a little help! Now the Joe Pye acts like a magnet attracting so many different butterflies! 

Red Admiral





Tiger Swallowtail




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